Why we do what we do

Inspired by the notion of finding new love for old things and committed to the idea of saving what we can from senseless destruction, SalvagedPGH is about restoration and preservation.

We are an architectural salvage and deconstruction company founded in Pittsburgh, PA. working with homeowners, business owners and construction professionals alike. We are a fully insured dismantling and deconstruction contractor, and can professionally remove items from your home or building, from a paneled room to a marble fireplace to a fully-fixtured kitchen or bathroom.

We believe in rescuing and recycling building materials in order to preserve history and valuable resources that no longer exist today. We believe in sustainable and green building practices, and encourage the reuse and repurpose of building materials for future generations to enjoy. We believe that we can find a new home or purpose for the architectural or building items you no longer need.

Please contact us today to learn more about our free dismantling and deconstruction services or arrange for free pick up of your donation. Together, we can avoid senseless donations to the dumpster and landfills of this beautiful world we share.

SalvagedPGH will accept many types of items, however call us today to learn more. We just may take it! Call 724-799-8899 or email us at [email protected] with any questions.

SalvagedPGH Mars

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